Why Data Matters: An Argument with Clayton Christensen

As Jobs Theory picks up steam in the marketplace of JTBD ideas, there’s an argument being made that data doesn’t matter.  Clay’s article in Management Today says explicitly that the spreadsheet is the enemy of innovation. And, at a recent conference in Vienna, Professor Clayton Christensen made a statement that went along these lines: There are no data in … Continue Reading

The Strategic Function of the Jobs-to-be-Done Needs Framework

As I have mentioned elsewhere,¬†the Jobs-to-be-Done Needs Framework¬†introduces the types of customer needs that must be considered to gain a deep understanding of what a customer is trying to accomplish. They include (i) the core functional Job-to-be-Done, (ii) the desired outcomes tied to the core functional Job-to-be-Done, (iii) related jobs, (iv) emotional and social jobs, … Continue Reading