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JOBS TO BE DONE: Theory to Practice
by Anthony Ulwick
IDEA BITE PRESS October 25, 2016


What Customers Want by Anthony Ulwick



White Papers

  • What is Outcome-Driven Innovation?
  • Blueprint for Building a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation
  • Outcome-Based Segmentation
  • The Role of Ethnographic Research in the Innovation Process
  • What is Innovation? (Includes a Glossary of Terms)
  • Ideas-First or Needs-First: What Would Edison Say?
  • Customer Segmentation is Soured by Milkshake Marketing
  • Innovation Track Record Study
  • A New Perspective on Strategy
  • The Strategic Role of Customer Requirements in Innovation
  • Silence the Voice of the Customer
  • Retiring the House of Quality
  • Turn Outcome-Driven Insights into ActionDownload white papers at >>