The Cartoon History of Jobs-to-be-Done

The folks at JTBDinstitute have created a cartoon history of Jobs to be Done that illustrates the journey – step by step – of how far we have come.  In particular, they highlight three critical tools developed and used by Strategyn over the years: The three tools are: the Opportunity Landscape the Jobs-to-be-Done Needs Framework the Jobs-to-be-Done … Continue Reading

The Key to Innovation Success

By focusing on the core functional job the customer is trying to execute and studying it as you would study a process, it becomes possible to uncover the metrics that customers use to measure success and value as they execute each step in that job. These metrics are included in specially formed need statements we … Continue Reading

Keynote: ISPIM, Toronto 2017 (March 19-22)

I’ll be the keynote speaker for the ISPIM conference in Toronto this year in March (19-22): I will be sharing my latest insights on Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Drive Innovation. Join me and the others if you can. Learn more about JTBD >> JOBS TO BE DONE: Theory to Practice by Anthony Ulwick IDEA BITE PRESS October 25, 2016